Allways being interested in people who would bring along and pass through traditional crafting and knowledge even today I decided to go for a documentation of one day at the market in Ulm.

Market places exist since humans began trading and evolving….. In the case of Ulm it was this privilege to held market days which made the citizens rich and wealthy (for example: in 1377 the citizenship of Ulm started to built a gothic cathedral which would acommodate 20000 people – by a population then of only 9000 !) So the market held twice a week on the Münsterplatz (the place in front of the cathedral) is a living reminder to this source of wealth.

Most of the visitors drop in from 8am to 12am to shop their goods. However the market suppliers, the staff show up early as 4:15am to built up everything.

Similar to the iceberg which is said to be under water -out of sight- with 85% of its volume, the work done by all helpers takes place long before the first customers would show up. My interest was to depict a little bit of this unseen work.

A thousand thanks to all the people I met and which gave me their friendly permission to post their images here!