My current favourite project is beyond all doubt “Lies & Deception”. In terms of Jungian psychology the shadow is an unconscious aspect of the personality that does not correspond with the ego ideal (yes, I believe “personality” should be accredited to plants too ). When I started taking pictures of shadows of plants for the project “Hidden Delight”, I was thinking of Plato’s allegory of the cave: what kind of perception are we trapped in? I have the idea that plants and their shadow can be regarded as twins. They do mirror each other, which led me to “Lies & Deception”. What kind of border separates ….what? Which side of the show do we choose to depict the “real thing”.


Lies & Deception

Hidden Delight

Mountains & Woods

Plant Portraits

Plants and trees with an attitude

Platonic Plants, shaded

Ulm. Market.